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Dedicated original handmade jewelry – where did this idea come from?

Creating original hadmade jewelry or any other jewelry always has a goal. Maybe you want to emphasize the beauty in a delicate way? Or maybe you create something extravagant to focus the public’s attention on the person wearing your works? I decided to focus not on beauty, which is fleeting, or on a single person, because not everyone likes to show their character. For me, something more matters. Something that has no price but is of great value. Something that cannot be measured or touched, but is so real. Something that can survive any storm, any cataclysm, and any corona virus pandemic.

My dedicated jewelery is made to … connect people. To express your feelings with small gestures and emphasize unity. At the beginning, I created thinking about people they felt in love. This unique bond that arises between two people, who discover the qualities of each other, at some point, wants to show the whole world, that these two are together, for better and for worse. And nothing can change that filling. It sounded lofty? Maybe it should sound like that. However, to put it briefly, the point is that two should be one.

It is worth to be one, but differently

With my jewelry for Her and for Him, I wanted to depart from a somewhat boring idea like: we have an important exit, so we buy a dress and a tie in the same color. The effect of this is, that in a room full of guests you feel as if you were put into kind of pattern.

Why not break with this pattern and put on a geometric leather necklace, and fasten your loved one a bow tie made of the same materials? How about long, silk earrings for you, and for your other half a pocket square with the same motif? If you do not wear earrings, I suggest you a light, minimalist necklace in which only one ball will tell others that your husband, or maybe your fiancé, is wearing a tie, bow tie or pocket square with the same pattern.

Jewelry dedicated to the bride and groom and your relatives

On this beautiful and special wedding day of your loved ones, surprise those in love with a gift dedicated especially for them. Honestly, I have never thought before, that this idea would work so well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps, because of the situation, you would not want to expose yourself and others to the unpleasant consequences of coronavirus infection. So just imagine how much fun you can make when the courier delivers a unique and original gift created especially for them. Or maybe it will also be your parents, grandparents, children or anyone else you want to please.

What do you feel good in? Made by Mila can design a bracelet, brooch, hairband and even a fascinator just for you. Take part in this fascinating process

When a third person shows up, invite them to the world of jewelry

When a child appears in the Family and you start forming a trio out of the duo, it’s nice to tell others about it. With great pleasure I will create a unique set for you. Or maybe your loved ones are expecting a baby and you are thinking about a gift for a baby? Made by Mila suggests: instead of just donating another blanket or shoes, take a wider look and appreciate also newly-minted parents. They will always remember that you thought about them too. Dedicated jewelry for the whole family will be a unique souvenir for years.

Everyone will find something for themselves in family packages. It is worth showing older children that there is a world of tasteful, not overdone jewelry. When you engage your daughter to co-create jewelry dedicated especially for her, you will stimulate her creativity. There is no room for being bored in my jewelry world, so young, creative minds will find a lot of inspiration here. And maybe, instead of imitating classmates, who look almost identical, your daughter wants to escape the patterns and consciously choose jewelry that adorns and not ridicules.

The joy of creation really multiplies when you think about the addressee of your creativity. That is why I am very pleased when I receive informations about favorite colors, patterns and shapes from my client. I love such cooperation. Of course, it would be much easier to create a pattern, that you like and focus on mass production, but for me what matters, is something that is timeless – the bonds between people. If you only feel like it, I invite you to discover the world of shapes, colors and materials together. It will be extremely inspiring for you and me. Let’s create original handmade jewelry together.

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